Blended Wing Body aircraft design

The pre-design of a 450 passenger blended wing body aircraft is finished. Major objectives for aircraft efficiency were achieved.
ACFA 2020 Blended Wing Body Design

Dynamic Modelling of NACRE Blended Wing Body Aircraft

Dynamic models are forming the basis for the controller design. For the large NACRE blended wing body aircraft the generation of dynamic models based on a refined Finite Element Model and aerodynamic data.
Refined Finite Element Model for NACRE Blended Wing Body Aircraft

Verification of the real-time performance of an adaptive feed-forward control concept

In order to reduce turbulence induced structural vibrations an adaptive feedforward control concept of EADS-IW is verified by flight tests with the ATTAS aircraft of DLR. Information from a flight log sensor at the nose boom is used to compensate structural vibrations caused by turbulences.

ATTAS - Advanced Technologies Testing Aircraft System with Flight Log Sensor